Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Was Geht?

Yeah thats right, whats up?

This week has been going by pretty good. School is easy, and fun. (should it be?) I'm really starting to enjoy my Physiology and Anatomy class at PHS. We learn about the body and the functions of it, it's my only "smart" class because the people in that class want to pursue a career with science take it, thus not alot of the kids that just go to school "to go" are in it. I on the other hand am not pursuing a career in that field but thought it would be interesting to join the class.

Basketball is going good. I am starting to actually have fun in it. Becoming a swinger is going to be tough though, but it's all good. Life is more than sports full of retarded people.

But still...

I think im going to play football next year. I know all the coaches and they all want me to play and so I think I have a good chance of doing some good. And there is this one jerk kid that plays that would make my whole football career worth while if I got to knock him down in practice or something so im really looking into it. haha. But seriously...

No ski-club for me, cant join because im playing basketball. But I am still going to go on the weekends when I dont have a game or practice.

For thanksgiving were all going up to good ole' Idaho. That should be fun.... Coming back on Saturday.

What else,

Got 2 ironmans in weight training today. (an ironman is an extra point you get for going beyond the expectancy for the workout). We had to run floor laps for 10 minutes and Mr.Bondnar said this kid named Corey Kolasch ran 21 under 10 minutes. And so if you got that much he would give you 2 ironmans. So I ran 22.. muhahahahaha.

Other news; McKenzie and I are planning on doing battle of bands. Were gonna play some funny songs and then some good acoustic stuff. We need a few more people to join though to really do well. Because with 2 people you are very limited on what you can do.

Ok, Enough bout me, I'll leave you with this funny German National Pride video.

Even if you dont know German just watch it. They are talking about how good Germany is and what they have. (Whit get Justin to watch it, he'll crack up) (english translation below)

K heres the lyrics.

German, German, German...

Of course a German invented "Wetten, dass"*
Many thanks for the enjoyable hours
We're the friendliest customers in this world
We're modest - we have money
The very best in any sport
The taxes here set a world record
Visit Germany and stay here
It's this kind of visitor we wait for
Anyone who likes it can live here
We're the friendliest people in this world

German, German...

Just one little thing is out of whack
And that is, Schumacher** doesn't drive a Mercedes

All that is Germany - all that is us
You won't find that anywhere else - only here only here
All that is Germany - all that is us
We live and die here

German, German...

Many people are arrogant about Germany
And some think it's cool to be an a--hole
There are some who like to complain about Kanaken [foreigners]
And travel to Thailand every year to f---
We love our cars more than our women
Because we can trust German cars
God kissed the earth just once
Right on the spot where Germany is now
We're the best everywhere - naturally also in bed
And we're especially nice to dogs and cats

All that is Germany...

We're really good at busting someone in the chops
We can also be relied on for starting fires
We like order and cleanliness
We're always ready for a war
Friendly greetings to the world, understand
We can be proud of Germany... SWINE!

Swine, swine...

All that is Germany...

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