Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So for halloween I am going to the 108 building with 1st and 3rd ward. They are having there usual trunk-or-treat deal. Im dressing up as Dane Cook (the comedian). It will be pretty simple and inexpensive so that is a plus. +

before i type anymore i have a question about blogging:

Is a blog like a journal or more of just posting interesting things and asking questions?

Because i feel like all i am doing is posting stuff about me.

pics to be posted later.


Monday, October 29, 2007

What you do?

When Pasco High takes forever to get you transfrerred? Well you eat yogurt, go help mom get groceries and play basketball. Yes, i am very blessed here and to be living in this great state, land, country.

I like Switchfoot alot and i've been listening to them all the time now. They are classified as, "christian rock" which pushes me away from them but the band say's there not. O well who cares what genre they are as long as they rock.

Song you might want to check out is.
"More than fine" by Switchfoot.

hau rein! (slang for see ya)

Alright here's a pic of some good yogurt.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Badger Mountain

Well...yes we went to badger mountain saturday night. It was well kinda of boring. The fun part about it though was making short movie clips with McKenzie's camera. We made some blair witch type scenes. Luckily this time there were no snakes on the path this time and no frogs were accidentally squished...? After badger mountain we went over to the apartment in Richland and hung out at the spa. Listened to music and watched Dane cook videos. You have to watch the video on my myspace of his crying skit. (warning: he does cuss once or twice, to the PG listeners, ;)

Other news is i might get a job at the track. Pays minumum wage and i would only work weekends. Because i need to save some money for my trip to visit my DANISH DYNAMITE in Germany.

i did my best... i did my BEST!

Tell me what you think of Dane's vid. lulz.

Alright das ist alles.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday A Good Day

(sin city!)

So a few days i got a new head band. I like this head band, it replaced my other nike one that i lost. Should suit me well in playing basketball.

Tonight Martin, Mckenzie, and I are going to conquer the mountain- Thee Badger Mountain, where Spartans are made. This is due to the three of us not going to homecoming. Well, Martin's not in highschool anymore and will be attending BYU i-do next semester, I just moved back a few days before homecoming, and Mckenzie well, he's Mckenzie and is studying his lines for his upcoming play and doesn't have enough time for woman right now...????

well have a good saturday.

P.S: Saturdays are only fun at night not during the 1-4 p.m time. They just are dull during the afternoon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have never wanted to go back to school before, but this week i've been having the desire to hit it up. We have been waiting for the school to call to tell me to come in to get my schedule and things. For the last 2 days they have'nt called and i've been playing basketball at the apartment and hanging out with Martin and McKenzie.

Last night after mutual a bunch of guys from the ward (16 and up years of age) played basketball at the 108 building. It was good to get back there and play with them all. Plus it's good practice for the upcoming tryouts for PHS basketball.

Other news: I got a haircut at studio 64 the other day. It was getting a little too shaggy. Gave her a 5 buck tip which is half of the cost of the haircut. woops....

alright thats all i got...

Bis bald!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Day of School 2 months late.

Well this morning i woke up at 6.30. Got dressed and made the long drive from West Richland over to Pasco High School. Got there, and mom asks, "did you bring the forms?" No i respond. So we drive all the way back to the apartment and get everything together.

So it turns out i'll be starting thursday hopefully. It takes a few days to fax over the grades from middleton and get everything compiled. (whatever that means).

By this time it's 8.30 and i have a dentist appointment at 11. So what do you do? You grab Sergio and Lauren and go to Andy's Coffee Break. Had some biscuits and gravy and twas' dang good.

Next I went over to the seminary building talked with my friends who were at lunch. Then I went with Tyler Nelson to play some B-Ball to get ready for PHS. Tyler got pwned 3 games in a row. hehe. It's good to be back here, lets hope i can keep the excitement up!

bis Morgen!

no pics today :(. (dont have a camera)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Im moving Out (billy joel)

So through the long hard weeks of talking, arguing, getting mad at eachother. Its been decide that i drive down to Pasco, Washington. Ive been packing up all my stuff, filling out forms, and writing emails all morning. This aint over yet, but it's looking better as i put more and more shoes and clothes in the duffle bags.

Other news: Umm..well, there is another dog roaming around our house now. This one isnt as ugly but i still dont like him. But, i dont have to worry about Sheila getting "prego" anymore because i took her into Zachs and she is getting spayed as we speak. Poor dog, she was shaking like crazy in her cage at Zachs clinic.

well im off to Edinburra'. bis bald! (means see ya soon)

The mass maze of "stuff". (hey look a soccer ball! what a douche.....)

This here my friends is the lass thats gonna get me home. 19-- something Isuzu Trooper. oops. Oil needs checking.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sundays

We Got home from church from the middleton 2nd ward and now mom and emily are making dinner. While Ben is on the computer shooting down germans in Company of Heroes. I am here getting stuff ready to go back to Pasco! WOOP WOOP!.

So this weekend this strange dog has been coming around our house because Sheila is in heat. We were going to get her spayed but Zach was out of town. Mind you this dog is BUTT UGLY! I do not want pups from this dog. I think its time to get out the M1 Garand and take it down "old school"....

The culprit. Reward dead or....dead. (jk)

The Victim; poor sheila.

"Monkeying" Around. Justin this is for you.....

Me and Emz

Emily and Ma fake smiling.

Have a nice Sunday ya'll.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


So we (Ben, Emily, me ma) were at the new house talking about blogs; discussing how awesome our sisters blogs were and how they were fun to look at. Shortly thereafter a thought came to me: I would be really awesome if i made a blog. So i got home and took a few pictures and got onto Made an account, and now typing.....

Hoping to post random pictures, german sayings, ask strange questions, and everything else cool in this world!

Here some pics of us shooting up some clays off the porch in good ole' Udaho.