Saturday, November 3, 2007


It is 3AM and im still up, decided to post a blog because this was sort of a unique moment, and my fortune cookie that i got at Panda Express today said something about taking advantage of unique moments. Anyways.

Went to the Youth Fireside "yesterday" ;). It was good i guess, but it was kind of hard to listen when I was talking with Jarred, Karalee, and one of the Kelly girls. There were so many people there and I sat in the very back, so i could barely make out the faces of the speakers.

After that, drove over to Dairy Queen only to find the pasco peeps were in Pasco not Kennewick. So I headed over there listening to some awesome Switchfoot! Ate at big burrito with McKenzie and Kelsie, interrupting on there "date". Then we all hung out at Quentin's house. Playing Guitar Hero and ping pong, while dancing and singing songs. Guitar hero is a pretty cool game, tis difficult though.

AFTER that I headed over to Mike Wilson's house with Jarred and Martin. We ate food and watched a movie while talking about the most random stuff.

Well I best get off. I'm playing basketball tomorrow at the Stake Center at 7am tomorrow. Yeah im an idiot for staying up this late.


DANG it's good to be back here in PASCO!

(sorry if i bore you with my stories, i see this as kind of like a diary)

Bis Morgen! (see you tomorrow!)

yes i sleep with the lights on......and BoM on my head.....


Whitney said...

go to bed!

p.s. glad you're happy in pville

Erin said...

nothing like taco bell at night. One time I had a softball sleepover party at Dorrie brewington's house and we talked some older guys into driving us to taco bell at 1 am. We thought it was awesome.

Lfoxy said...

i hafta ask...was the BoM for the picture or were you ACTUALLY reading it? and those random conversations with friends are the best. that is what late nights are all about--it seems that our minds think of the most bazaar things late in the it.

hermanfox said...

once i stayed up until 3am in a closet at byu-i inside one of the ballrooms. my roommate and I camped out on a riser until we heard a loud bang, got scared, and ran down the street to our apartment.

A.Fox said...

well i think took the picture then read.