Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday! Sonntag! Domingo!

(my blogging attire and listening to The Beatles: the End)

Daylight Savings, a good thing. Missing church, a bad thing.

I stayed up way too late, and slept in. It was pretty fun though, Martin stayed the night. When we got home my mom comes in the room and says something like, "andrew what are you doing, its 5.30 am? I respond with, "actually mom it's 4.30, you know daylight savings" Hahah. like that makes it any better that i come home at 4.30.

Can i say something about curfews though?

I'm republican so less laws is a good thing. Thus, less resrictions (curfew) means more agency and being able to make your own decisions. (ok bad excuse, i know, it was a joke anyway).

Other stuff to talk about; Myspace.

I used to hate myspace, i did not like the fact of all these kids getting on for popularity and all that jazz. A year ago when McKenzie would get on at my house, I would say things like, "myspace, puts viruses on the computer and stuff". Then I moved away and decided to make one. Then I became a myspace addict through all the commenting, bulletin posting, and music listening. It's still gay and all about popularity. But Tom say's if i get off, he will come to my house and kill me. So i guess i'll have to deal with it myself. McKenzie talk to Chet and see if you can get me some myspace pills? ;)

I went to this fireside tonight at Bishop Jenkins house tonight. 2 missionaries spoke and this other guy. It was REALLY boring, but you have to say it was good because it was a church thing. So it was good.....

Alright, das ist alles kann ich Heut Abend schreiben.

P.S: Have a nice monday. Check out for the full office shows if you missed any.

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Kenzie said...

Sorry I didn't go the bishops thing!!! I wanted to go but I had a paper. I loved the aggency thing and the joke with your mom. No actually its not. CURFEWS WHO NEEDS THEM!!!