Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Life.

(a thermal image pic from the apple comp)

Changed the name of my blog because at first "Weeding the Garden" was sort of a joke. (you know how those bloggers out there use those wierd kind of names). And my life sort of fits me and i always think of that Billy Joel song "My Life". One of my favorites of his.

(heres the vid, the beginning is just the intro)

Basketball aint going great, but whateva.

I feel like im letting people down. I dont know. Im not black, there's my excuse. JK. :)

I am ready to go snowboarding! It will be awesome, I am joining ski club for the first time. I am such a loser for not joining before, actually i was a total loser before i came back to Pasco. I didn't do anything, I played Computer games and studied german. Well lets see i know german now, great. Who speaks freaking german in Pasco?


I lost my cellphone today. I think it's in the seminary building. Then i can't find my awesome aviators i wore today at school. No more rock star looks anymore. :(

Weight training is going good. Beat everyone in running today, even those crazy mexicans! I felt good about that. We did this amazing ab work out for about 30 minutes aswell.

Next on my list:

I went to the Girls district soccer game tonight. We had to pay 5 bucks to get in, :( They lost their game 0-2. The whole time Mckenzie, Martin and I yelled random stuff. Me and Mckenzie did some British commentating, and then yelled german stuff. It was....gay, no..interesting.


Es ist so einfach GEIL!

See yah.


Erin said...

A very worthy song to name a blog after. I like how he sings about struggling between not needing people and needing them. It is definitely something I've felt before.

Anonymous said...

ummm no.

Lfoxy said...

i guess it's ok if you change your blog name. although weeding the garden was so random it was pretty neat. but you do have billy joel connections and can therefore change it. nice work.

S. Schuller said...

So it's Kels, huh? Tell us more.... And, I think it's great that you tried out for basketball. Just because they made a movie called "White Men Can't Jump" doesn't mean it's true. I bet you're really good!

A.Fox said...

nah not really that good. JV