Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 Day Weekend!

We get school off Friday! It is nice to have a break from the homework and work. I like going to school and hanging out with friends just not the school work. Got a 100% on my math test today! Though Mr. Reid let me go back and fix an answer so it wasn't a full 1.0.0. I plan on hanging out with the usual friends and playing basketball. I dont know what it is about basketball that im wanting to play so much. Just like it, i guess?

What else. I am finally in a weight training class. It is awesome, we actually get worked out and "ze wurk out ze absys" (read in Arnold accent). I have Mr. Bondnar "supposedly" the hardest teacher there, but he's a nice guy and just wants you to get things done.

It's also nice to be back with the latinos in my classes. I've really become to like them and appreciate them. There really not that diffrent at all. yeah alright kinda of a wierd blog tonight...Well.

i hate goodbyes.....

aufwiedersehen! (see ya again)


Erin said...

Congrats on your test! you rock.

hermanfox said...

i like latinos too. b'ham didn't have any "real" taco shops. go eat some tacos at "la fama" for me, eh amigo?

Lfoxy said...

so are you going to play bball for phs? you totally should. you would be really good. i'd definitely come watch you play.