Saturday, November 10, 2007

Emily and other things!

(Me as Dane Cook on Halloween)


You should not have told me this;

"i kind of liked it better when your blog was names "weeding the garden" because "my life" sounds like such a teenager. that is the theme for the teenage years "me me me." just putting it out opinion that is..".

But you were actually right, I don't like to have the whole thing be about me. It's just, I'm still not sure what to write about in this blog, so I use it like a journal.

So I'm experementing with some other names. I chose "Days in the Promise Land" because whenever I would come back to visit the Tri-Cities, we would drive over the Richland Bridge (overlooking the Columbia River, Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland) and I would say, "THIS IS THE PROMISE LAND!" as a joke. So I think it is appropriate..... :)

More on Emily:

Thanks a bunch for "Das Buch Mormon". (German Book of Mormon) This is going to be awesome. I already brought it to seminary and was reading in it with the English version. It's still true in any language out there. Even if "Glauben" means "faith" and "to believe". 2 totally different things. ;)

Last Night (Friday Night), McKenzie, Jarred, Kelsie, Martin, Justin Wamz, and I went to Kiersten Merrill's birthday party. Way the frak out in the country! Some of the funnest parts of the night (i thought) were listening to music in my Isuzu Trooper driving over there. We played these stupi....interesting....Mormon games. Like, a name game, and this spoon game, (in which me and Dirk just went down stairs and played ping pong). I can't get competitively into something when it doesn't matter at all. After those games and the good food bar they had. We played these other activities;

Leg wrestling, and that game that Joseph Smith used to play with the stick.

In which I owned Jacob Ellsworth 4 times in a row. (muhahahaha!)

But then I was quickly humbled when Kyle Merrill beat me in leg wrestling....:(

What else:

Ping pong. Ping Pong is a good game. Played that at the Merrill's in their basement.
It is probably one of the best sports in the world. Probably....

Badger Mountain looks pretty good today. I may just have to go conquer it again.

Who wants to GO?

(A nice song we listened to in dem Auto)

Bis Bald!


Erin said...

those country boys, they can kick your butt.

Love those parties in the Basin!

hermanfox said...

whatever you call your blog, I'm still your biggest fan. Why not cut the modesty and just call it "me me me." why don't I call my own blog what I'm really after: "pay attention to me! me! me! and look I'm pretty!"

hermanfox said...

skunk babies!

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