Sunday, November 25, 2007

Billy Joel CONCERT!

o yeah and that holiday they call thanksgiving??? ;)

First off,

We went to McCall, Idaho for thanksgiving. That was fun, went to Burgdorf and chillaxed in the hot springs. Had a good meal and then the next morning headed off to Boise. Loaded up some furniture and stuff for mom and then we got the mini ready for the drive home to Pasco,(had to add oil and brake fluid). I drove that mini 5 hours through the cold snowy mountains of Oregon, every minute thinking the car would explode into flames and send me tumbling out on the cold asphalt. But it never happened and I got home just fine....

Then right as im getting off the freeway to head towards the "mall". (Tyler Nelson got a job at Zumiez and I wanted to see him action..haha). I was pulled over for speeding on that highway parallel with the river. Yeah I got a ticket for $116. Not too bad, and hopefully I can get it reduced. Now I defiantly need a job. Thing is though the Mini's speedometer doesnt work. fag....

Alright "alles klar" though.

Saturday morning Andrew Clark, Martin Zavala and ma and pa and I drove up to Portland for the Billy Joel concert at the Rose Garden.

We did some shopping there, (The Buffalo Exchange). That store is schweet, everything in it is basically my kind of style.

The concert was AWESOME. There were around 20,000 people there. We sat on the 13th row on the floor. He opened up with Angry Young Man, one of my favorite songs. 2 and a half hours later he finaled with Piano Man. The crowd sang a part of it at one was cool. He's really funny too, he was cracking jokes up there in between the songs. Again it was awesome!

Heres some pics of the trip.

Yeah it was a thumbs up.

Lights were amazing!

Center shot.

Crowd of 20,000 in the Rose Garden.

Video of the song, "Angry Young Man" if you wondered which one that was.

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Erin said...

Great photos. I'm happy you could see him! He's going to be in LA soon I think.