Thursday, November 29, 2007


Music is awesome! Cant go a day without listening to it. My newest "like" is Rufus Wainwright. Yeah yeah im a late bloomer. (I like music thats been out for awhile instead of the top 100 songs). Anyways, Rufus might be a homo but his songs are really good. I like Grey Gardens, California, and Cigarettes and Choclate Milk.

Switchfoot is still up there aswell and the German rap group "Die Fantastischen Vier".

Of course I love a million other bands but these are my top 3 right now.

Heres the link to one of his songs:

Other crap.

Basketball is going pretty good, the coaches are starting to like me more. We have a game tomorrow against Eastmont. Then Varsity plays at 7.30. Thats gonna be fun to watch.

Its been snowing here alot lately,

but it always melts away before the morning when it should stay and make people crash into other cars, buses tip over, cop cars explode into flames, and cancel school....just..kidding.

Ok thats about all.

Martin, Jarred, and Tyler are here to go hot tubbing.

adios! tschuss


Anonymous said...

we must have a musical show!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your game!!