Thursday, November 29, 2007


Music is awesome! Cant go a day without listening to it. My newest "like" is Rufus Wainwright. Yeah yeah im a late bloomer. (I like music thats been out for awhile instead of the top 100 songs). Anyways, Rufus might be a homo but his songs are really good. I like Grey Gardens, California, and Cigarettes and Choclate Milk.

Switchfoot is still up there aswell and the German rap group "Die Fantastischen Vier".

Of course I love a million other bands but these are my top 3 right now.

Heres the link to one of his songs:

Other crap.

Basketball is going pretty good, the coaches are starting to like me more. We have a game tomorrow against Eastmont. Then Varsity plays at 7.30. Thats gonna be fun to watch.

Its been snowing here alot lately,

but it always melts away before the morning when it should stay and make people crash into other cars, buses tip over, cop cars explode into flames, and cancel school....just..kidding.

Ok thats about all.

Martin, Jarred, and Tyler are here to go hot tubbing.

adios! tschuss

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Billy Joel CONCERT!

o yeah and that holiday they call thanksgiving??? ;)

First off,

We went to McCall, Idaho for thanksgiving. That was fun, went to Burgdorf and chillaxed in the hot springs. Had a good meal and then the next morning headed off to Boise. Loaded up some furniture and stuff for mom and then we got the mini ready for the drive home to Pasco,(had to add oil and brake fluid). I drove that mini 5 hours through the cold snowy mountains of Oregon, every minute thinking the car would explode into flames and send me tumbling out on the cold asphalt. But it never happened and I got home just fine....

Then right as im getting off the freeway to head towards the "mall". (Tyler Nelson got a job at Zumiez and I wanted to see him action..haha). I was pulled over for speeding on that highway parallel with the river. Yeah I got a ticket for $116. Not too bad, and hopefully I can get it reduced. Now I defiantly need a job. Thing is though the Mini's speedometer doesnt work. fag....

Alright "alles klar" though.

Saturday morning Andrew Clark, Martin Zavala and ma and pa and I drove up to Portland for the Billy Joel concert at the Rose Garden.

We did some shopping there, (The Buffalo Exchange). That store is schweet, everything in it is basically my kind of style.

The concert was AWESOME. There were around 20,000 people there. We sat on the 13th row on the floor. He opened up with Angry Young Man, one of my favorite songs. 2 and a half hours later he finaled with Piano Man. The crowd sang a part of it at one was cool. He's really funny too, he was cracking jokes up there in between the songs. Again it was awesome!

Heres some pics of the trip.

Yeah it was a thumbs up.

Lights were amazing!

Center shot.

Crowd of 20,000 in the Rose Garden.

Video of the song, "Angry Young Man" if you wondered which one that was.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Was Geht?

Yeah thats right, whats up?

This week has been going by pretty good. School is easy, and fun. (should it be?) I'm really starting to enjoy my Physiology and Anatomy class at PHS. We learn about the body and the functions of it, it's my only "smart" class because the people in that class want to pursue a career with science take it, thus not alot of the kids that just go to school "to go" are in it. I on the other hand am not pursuing a career in that field but thought it would be interesting to join the class.

Basketball is going good. I am starting to actually have fun in it. Becoming a swinger is going to be tough though, but it's all good. Life is more than sports full of retarded people.

But still...

I think im going to play football next year. I know all the coaches and they all want me to play and so I think I have a good chance of doing some good. And there is this one jerk kid that plays that would make my whole football career worth while if I got to knock him down in practice or something so im really looking into it. haha. But seriously...

No ski-club for me, cant join because im playing basketball. But I am still going to go on the weekends when I dont have a game or practice.

For thanksgiving were all going up to good ole' Idaho. That should be fun.... Coming back on Saturday.

What else,

Got 2 ironmans in weight training today. (an ironman is an extra point you get for going beyond the expectancy for the workout). We had to run floor laps for 10 minutes and Mr.Bondnar said this kid named Corey Kolasch ran 21 under 10 minutes. And so if you got that much he would give you 2 ironmans. So I ran 22.. muhahahahaha.

Other news; McKenzie and I are planning on doing battle of bands. Were gonna play some funny songs and then some good acoustic stuff. We need a few more people to join though to really do well. Because with 2 people you are very limited on what you can do.

Ok, Enough bout me, I'll leave you with this funny German National Pride video.

Even if you dont know German just watch it. They are talking about how good Germany is and what they have. (Whit get Justin to watch it, he'll crack up) (english translation below)

K heres the lyrics.

German, German, German...

Of course a German invented "Wetten, dass"*
Many thanks for the enjoyable hours
We're the friendliest customers in this world
We're modest - we have money
The very best in any sport
The taxes here set a world record
Visit Germany and stay here
It's this kind of visitor we wait for
Anyone who likes it can live here
We're the friendliest people in this world

German, German...

Just one little thing is out of whack
And that is, Schumacher** doesn't drive a Mercedes

All that is Germany - all that is us
You won't find that anywhere else - only here only here
All that is Germany - all that is us
We live and die here

German, German...

Many people are arrogant about Germany
And some think it's cool to be an a--hole
There are some who like to complain about Kanaken [foreigners]
And travel to Thailand every year to f---
We love our cars more than our women
Because we can trust German cars
God kissed the earth just once
Right on the spot where Germany is now
We're the best everywhere - naturally also in bed
And we're especially nice to dogs and cats

All that is Germany...

We're really good at busting someone in the chops
We can also be relied on for starting fires
We like order and cleanliness
We're always ready for a war
Friendly greetings to the world, understand
We can be proud of Germany... SWINE!

Swine, swine...

All that is Germany...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I dont go to practices, I survive them

So I am on the JV PHS basketball team. (yeah, so what, SO WHAT!, theres plenty of time to move up to swinger). Anyways...

I had to wake up at 6 this morning to go to practice at Pasco High at 7.00am. The practice lasted for 3 hours and it went well. We didnt even run that much so it was nice on my ankles, and feet. I am getting better and starting to get with the flow of things.

You have to concentrate 100% the whole time your there or else you'll let your team down, thus looking like an idiot infront of everyone, thus running lines. It's a simple procedure.

I hope basketball doesn't infringe too much on the snowboarding season. Because snowboarding is like mmmm..mmmm. so that would'nt be good if I had to stay and play while the rest of my friends are up on the mountain. (but i committed myself to this so...we will see)

Heres some wierd, but funny pics I took in my practice jersey.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It aint over yet.

Well I made the Pasco High basketball team. Not sure which one yet (JV, or Varsity). Im excited but also nervous because I have to prove myself again tomorrow!

Something about basketball tryouts:

It is NOT a FRIENDLY PLACE! You have to be either pissed, dont smile, and freaking hustle your !#% off! These few days have been the hardest practices of my life.

Like today this one kid kept yelling at me (dont know why) and pushing up on me when I would post up, so he came up for a rebound and I knocked him down on the ground and just walked off. He didnt say anything after that.

It feels good after practice, even though Im so sore and can barely get up the stairs at our apartment. With bonderman's weight training and PHS basketball Im really going to have to watch my feet. They break easy.

Alright ive got to eat, mutual, then hausaufgaben. In the words of Jarred Gonzalez.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Day of Days

It was a Veteran's Day, Monday morning. 8.00 AM, geese were searching for food in the vast Columbia Basin. Alcoholics were going to bed. Al-Qaida terrorists were planting bombs on their cars. Andrew Fox was putting on his 3 year old, Red Nike Basketball shoes.

Today was the first day of Pasco High basketball tryouts....

It went well. Probably still wont make Varsity, but can I really expect that. It is my first year playing for high school. Anyways it's about the game not the chicks, right? ha..ha..

We practiced from 8.00 to 10.00. It was the hardest practice of my LIFE! We did drills, then lines, water, then stair laps.

I did however lap everyone trying out in running. (muhahahaha, my plan is all coming together). But, got to stay humble because when I get excited I'm usually let down.

I went to get a haircut at Studio 64 today but they were closed for Veteran's Day. (what kind of holiday is that??? Who needs VETERANS? Totally Joking) k, bad joke....

Gonna go meet martin for some Panda Express. (dang I'm spoiled).

Thats about all I got today.

Hau Rein!

P.S: Is my writing too fast?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Emily and other things!

(Me as Dane Cook on Halloween)


You should not have told me this;

"i kind of liked it better when your blog was names "weeding the garden" because "my life" sounds like such a teenager. that is the theme for the teenage years "me me me." just putting it out opinion that is..".

But you were actually right, I don't like to have the whole thing be about me. It's just, I'm still not sure what to write about in this blog, so I use it like a journal.

So I'm experementing with some other names. I chose "Days in the Promise Land" because whenever I would come back to visit the Tri-Cities, we would drive over the Richland Bridge (overlooking the Columbia River, Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland) and I would say, "THIS IS THE PROMISE LAND!" as a joke. So I think it is appropriate..... :)

More on Emily:

Thanks a bunch for "Das Buch Mormon". (German Book of Mormon) This is going to be awesome. I already brought it to seminary and was reading in it with the English version. It's still true in any language out there. Even if "Glauben" means "faith" and "to believe". 2 totally different things. ;)

Last Night (Friday Night), McKenzie, Jarred, Kelsie, Martin, Justin Wamz, and I went to Kiersten Merrill's birthday party. Way the frak out in the country! Some of the funnest parts of the night (i thought) were listening to music in my Isuzu Trooper driving over there. We played these stupi....interesting....Mormon games. Like, a name game, and this spoon game, (in which me and Dirk just went down stairs and played ping pong). I can't get competitively into something when it doesn't matter at all. After those games and the good food bar they had. We played these other activities;

Leg wrestling, and that game that Joseph Smith used to play with the stick.

In which I owned Jacob Ellsworth 4 times in a row. (muhahahaha!)

But then I was quickly humbled when Kyle Merrill beat me in leg wrestling....:(

What else:

Ping pong. Ping Pong is a good game. Played that at the Merrill's in their basement.
It is probably one of the best sports in the world. Probably....

Badger Mountain looks pretty good today. I may just have to go conquer it again.

Who wants to GO?

(A nice song we listened to in dem Auto)

Bis Bald!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


BACK TO IDAHO! Yeah Pasco sucks..I'm going to a little place called...ASPE..I mean Middletonnnnnn. Where the beer flows like wine and the woman influctantly flock the salmon of capastrana. (mckenzie did I get that line right?)

TOTALLY JOKING! I had you guys didnt I? cmon I did? ;)

Alright so Pasco is awesome i was just being retarded.

But I am moving to the Broadmoor Apartments on road 100. That will be alot better for school, hanging with friends, and church. Although I will surely miss the late nights of staying up with Martin, Mckenzie, and Jarred; chillen' at the spa and working out at the apartment in Richland. Good memories...

I think we are packing up today, not sure.

At school today i had a mock (spelling?) interview. It went great. I was interviewed by the superintendant of Pasco High School. He started out by asking me questions like, "What qualities do you have that will benefit you in this job." I told him i was bilingual, (good enough to make it look like I was bilingual anyway) and so he started talking with me in German and we talked about how i went over there for the world cup, he said he took german in the U.S then went and lived there for a few years. His German was kind of rusty, but whateva. Then he asked a bunch of other questions in English. I scored a 95 out of 100. He gave me some bonus points for talking to him eye to eye and keeping good posture. Said i was poised, which means calm? I guess.

Alright enough about talking about what im good at, let's talk about what sucks.

Basketball. I dont care about making Varsity anymore. I'm gonna go to the tryouts Monday ( and do my best and thats that.

My teacher in Math is Mr.Reid, a really cool guy who i've known since middle school years. He's catholic but he seems really interested in Mormons. He knows quite a bit about them. I might give him one of those cards about the LDS website and stuff. He's very curious about the mormon teenagers, I can just see it in the way he talks to us. Like he looks up to us or something. Wer weiƟ???

My 8th hour is awesome, we have this teacher Mr.Hockaday who is new and lets us leave early. We just get the assignment and leave pretty much.

What else was interesting in my day. Well weight training is awesome! We ran 7 stair laps (1 mile). Then did all these ab and arm workouts. Beat all the kids in running again.(muhahah) Then when I was done the kids that I lapped right behind me said, "they were done too at the same time." I dont really care just thought that was stupid. You can't cheat in working out. You either do it and look cut or.....still look cut like Mckenzie and....are just weak. Dang my analogies suck. :( haha

Sorry for the bad grammer, I am not gonna write professionally too much anymore, I can't express myself very well doing that. ;)

Adios! Tschuss!

Check out the Indian Version of "Thriller". It is HILARIOUS!

Heres the original, which owns the Indian one by the way. (can be seen on the link)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Life.

(a thermal image pic from the apple comp)

Changed the name of my blog because at first "Weeding the Garden" was sort of a joke. (you know how those bloggers out there use those wierd kind of names). And my life sort of fits me and i always think of that Billy Joel song "My Life". One of my favorites of his.

(heres the vid, the beginning is just the intro)

Basketball aint going great, but whateva.

I feel like im letting people down. I dont know. Im not black, there's my excuse. JK. :)

I am ready to go snowboarding! It will be awesome, I am joining ski club for the first time. I am such a loser for not joining before, actually i was a total loser before i came back to Pasco. I didn't do anything, I played Computer games and studied german. Well lets see i know german now, great. Who speaks freaking german in Pasco?


I lost my cellphone today. I think it's in the seminary building. Then i can't find my awesome aviators i wore today at school. No more rock star looks anymore. :(

Weight training is going good. Beat everyone in running today, even those crazy mexicans! I felt good about that. We did this amazing ab work out for about 30 minutes aswell.

Next on my list:

I went to the Girls district soccer game tonight. We had to pay 5 bucks to get in, :( They lost their game 0-2. The whole time Mckenzie, Martin and I yelled random stuff. Me and Mckenzie did some British commentating, and then yelled german stuff. It, no..interesting.


Es ist so einfach GEIL!

See yah.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ping pong video

So after that fireside (the one i talked about in this blog), we went to Quentins and played ping pong. Here's some excellent footage of our game courtesy of Kelsie's camera and Marcus Andros's filming.


Schumacher, Jackie Vs. Kels, Me

We totally won but I did this really gay move in the middle of the filming on the table...(lulz)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday! Sonntag! Domingo!

(my blogging attire and listening to The Beatles: the End)

Daylight Savings, a good thing. Missing church, a bad thing.

I stayed up way too late, and slept in. It was pretty fun though, Martin stayed the night. When we got home my mom comes in the room and says something like, "andrew what are you doing, its 5.30 am? I respond with, "actually mom it's 4.30, you know daylight savings" Hahah. like that makes it any better that i come home at 4.30.

Can i say something about curfews though?

I'm republican so less laws is a good thing. Thus, less resrictions (curfew) means more agency and being able to make your own decisions. (ok bad excuse, i know, it was a joke anyway).

Other stuff to talk about; Myspace.

I used to hate myspace, i did not like the fact of all these kids getting on for popularity and all that jazz. A year ago when McKenzie would get on at my house, I would say things like, "myspace, puts viruses on the computer and stuff". Then I moved away and decided to make one. Then I became a myspace addict through all the commenting, bulletin posting, and music listening. It's still gay and all about popularity. But Tom say's if i get off, he will come to my house and kill me. So i guess i'll have to deal with it myself. McKenzie talk to Chet and see if you can get me some myspace pills? ;)

I went to this fireside tonight at Bishop Jenkins house tonight. 2 missionaries spoke and this other guy. It was REALLY boring, but you have to say it was good because it was a church thing. So it was good.....

Alright, das ist alles kann ich Heut Abend schreiben.

P.S: Have a nice monday. Check out for the full office shows if you missed any.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


It is 3AM and im still up, decided to post a blog because this was sort of a unique moment, and my fortune cookie that i got at Panda Express today said something about taking advantage of unique moments. Anyways.

Went to the Youth Fireside "yesterday" ;). It was good i guess, but it was kind of hard to listen when I was talking with Jarred, Karalee, and one of the Kelly girls. There were so many people there and I sat in the very back, so i could barely make out the faces of the speakers.

After that, drove over to Dairy Queen only to find the pasco peeps were in Pasco not Kennewick. So I headed over there listening to some awesome Switchfoot! Ate at big burrito with McKenzie and Kelsie, interrupting on there "date". Then we all hung out at Quentin's house. Playing Guitar Hero and ping pong, while dancing and singing songs. Guitar hero is a pretty cool game, tis difficult though.

AFTER that I headed over to Mike Wilson's house with Jarred and Martin. We ate food and watched a movie while talking about the most random stuff.

Well I best get off. I'm playing basketball tomorrow at the Stake Center at 7am tomorrow. Yeah im an idiot for staying up this late.


DANG it's good to be back here in PASCO!

(sorry if i bore you with my stories, i see this as kind of like a diary)

Bis Morgen! (see you tomorrow!)

yes i sleep with the lights on......and BoM on my head.....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 Day Weekend!

We get school off Friday! It is nice to have a break from the homework and work. I like going to school and hanging out with friends just not the school work. Got a 100% on my math test today! Though Mr. Reid let me go back and fix an answer so it wasn't a full 1.0.0. I plan on hanging out with the usual friends and playing basketball. I dont know what it is about basketball that im wanting to play so much. Just like it, i guess?

What else. I am finally in a weight training class. It is awesome, we actually get worked out and "ze wurk out ze absys" (read in Arnold accent). I have Mr. Bondnar "supposedly" the hardest teacher there, but he's a nice guy and just wants you to get things done.

It's also nice to be back with the latinos in my classes. I've really become to like them and appreciate them. There really not that diffrent at all. yeah alright kinda of a wierd blog tonight...Well.

i hate goodbyes.....

aufwiedersehen! (see ya again)