Monday, November 12, 2007

Day of Days

It was a Veteran's Day, Monday morning. 8.00 AM, geese were searching for food in the vast Columbia Basin. Alcoholics were going to bed. Al-Qaida terrorists were planting bombs on their cars. Andrew Fox was putting on his 3 year old, Red Nike Basketball shoes.

Today was the first day of Pasco High basketball tryouts....

It went well. Probably still wont make Varsity, but can I really expect that. It is my first year playing for high school. Anyways it's about the game not the chicks, right? ha..ha..

We practiced from 8.00 to 10.00. It was the hardest practice of my LIFE! We did drills, then lines, water, then stair laps.

I did however lap everyone trying out in running. (muhahahaha, my plan is all coming together). But, got to stay humble because when I get excited I'm usually let down.

I went to get a haircut at Studio 64 today but they were closed for Veteran's Day. (what kind of holiday is that??? Who needs VETERANS? Totally Joking) k, bad joke....

Gonna go meet martin for some Panda Express. (dang I'm spoiled).

Thats about all I got today.

Hau Rein!

P.S: Is my writing too fast?


S. Schuller said...

Ange, I LOVE reading your blog! Thanks for posting such funny, detailed stuff. You made my day!

Erin said...

"Alcoholics are going to bed..." Maybe they are also parking their cars crooked on the street after hitting a cat.

You are what you think you are--you are a TEAM PLAYER and you have speed and strength and if you want to play b-ball you can do it! Aww honey you know it.