Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pasco 3 Richland 1

Thats right, we played Richland on the turf in Edgar Brown stadium saturday. Got the W and now we're getting ready to play Walla Walla Tuesday. I played more than half the game as forward, a big leap from barely playing anything at Lewis and Clark. Didn't get my name in the paper but had a few clips at the goal. I heard them say, "something ANDREW FOX something at the goal". It was fun, I'm one of the biggest guys on the field and so I rough up the defenders ALOT. Coaches love that, I must of knocked down every defender back there, almost got carded...haha. In practice I will probably still work with the defenders but probably won't play back there a whole lot especially when 2 captains of the team are in the spots where I would play in the back.

What else?

Went to Twirp with Kelsie Carver. We made shirts the previous week before, lets just say they were pretty thizzen. (maybe i'll get some pics up). We ate at Big Burrito on Rd.68 with 3 other couples. Kaitlyn Carpenter/McKenzie Shoemake, Andrew Clark/Danielle Rivera, and Taylor Thornton/Jackie May. Then went to the carnival and the dance afterwards. After the dance we got iecream and went to Kelsie's to watch a movie. Even was a Michael Jackson song played....yeah I busted the hip thrust. ;)

Lets just say my dancing was pretty much like this:

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here's my Mr.Pasco video if you have not seen it yet.

In the words of Ben, "robbed, you was robbed!"

The week of soccer tryouts are over. I made Varsity Monday, over 120 kids tried out this year, 99.9% were of hispanic heritage. My next goal is to start, right now I should, but you know it is my first year of highschool soccer. Just gonna keep working hard everyday in practice and limit my errors. I'm playing stopper, and forward on rare occasions to give the short little forwards a break. But hey man thats like amazing to have a big guy like me play forward on a team like this. So I'm not even mad if I play forward just a little bit.

We got our stuff (bags, socks, jerseys, practice gear) saturday after our scrimmage against JV. Rolling with #12. Figure I can get that number for football too because the last guy who had is a senior.

mkay, Schluss für heute!