Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Robert Gouleeeet

hey, im doing better. Shout out to the Fredins sorry for being a jerk.

haha thought this was funny

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brian Dawkins

ha after watching this you'd believe Brian Dawkins was a god

o wait he is.. ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Tired

homecoming was pretty tight. Went to outback with my date Shawna Anderson and a bunch of other people in a group of 14 or so couples. Then hit up the dance floor after pictures around 10, ended about 12:30

Then went to Morgan Sullvans house after the dance and hung out, played some ping pong and danced some more. all in good fun.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daniel...Daniel Craig

he just needs some pecks now... ;) YOINK!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Helmet Hair....It's Hott

Rode on the beamer tonight.

O and check this out,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rockin of the top of this esophogus metropolis

The 3 weeks of football of practice are over and camp just got over friday.

It was a good experience and I'm excited for the real season in the fall where it really matters. The first week was pretty rough but I started getting the hang of it by the end of camp. Still no where near my potential but yeah it's good. I'll get to where I be blastin people with my 220 pound frame NIGGAAA! haha j/k kinda. ;)

I play defensive end and tight end. I'm the one who sacks the quarterback if you didn't now what my position entails.

Thats all I have been doing this summer break so far. I'm hopefully going to get a job at a pool. I am now officially certified as a lifeguard.

O looks like I'll be able to graduate seminary and go on a foreign mission, maybe. I'm making up all my seminary absences which only amounts to 20 days of work. It's easier than going to class.

And I just got off the phone with Bro. Petty about scouts. And it looks like all I need to do is my eagle project. Should be fu...gay but it'll be worth it.

For football I have to lift from July 7th to august 20th. They have sessions from 6-8 a.m or 7-9 at night. If you miss one day you are put on the "and" squad and will have extra conditioning after practice. And in the first few weeks of practice we condition. So it doesn't look like I'll be doing to much traveling this summer. It'll be worht it though, friday nights ARE SICK! Did I mention girls? I'm single by the way.

Another sweeet thing I did this break so far was bridge jumping. After practice a group of us would go down to the east side train bridge. It was funny to see 200 pound linebackers that would play football but not jump off a 20 ft. bridge. I'm gonna tell Graff about that. j/k

Heres a funny song by Flight of the Conchords

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Last post was March 26. Lots has happened since then. So I'll keep it simple.

I went to Hawaii (island of Oahu) during spring break. It was pretty sweeet. I went with the 10th Ave. singers from PHS. I was technically there to move around equipment, but everyone had something assigned to them so I didn't have to carry anything unfortunately. ;)

PHS yoked it up this season. We won the district league going undefeated then made it the regional championship and lost. Next year.

I wasn't able to finish out the season due to a stress fracture in my tibia (shin bone). It's just now starting to fully heal. Hopefully I'll be ready by football.

What else, Getting ready for football. Lifting after school everyday and eating alot. Spring ball starts on the 27th of this month, should be fun.

Yep, sorry it's been so long. I haven't really felt like writing on here in awhile.

Funny Flight of the Conchords music video

P.S: o yeah and I'm dating this girl now, her names Kelsie Carver. I kinda like her...:)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pasco 3 Richland 1

Thats right, we played Richland on the turf in Edgar Brown stadium saturday. Got the W and now we're getting ready to play Walla Walla Tuesday. I played more than half the game as forward, a big leap from barely playing anything at Lewis and Clark. Didn't get my name in the paper but had a few clips at the goal. I heard them say, "something ANDREW FOX something at the goal". It was fun, I'm one of the biggest guys on the field and so I rough up the defenders ALOT. Coaches love that, I must of knocked down every defender back there, almost got carded...haha. In practice I will probably still work with the defenders but probably won't play back there a whole lot especially when 2 captains of the team are in the spots where I would play in the back.

What else?

Went to Twirp with Kelsie Carver. We made shirts the previous week before, lets just say they were pretty thizzen. (maybe i'll get some pics up). We ate at Big Burrito on Rd.68 with 3 other couples. Kaitlyn Carpenter/McKenzie Shoemake, Andrew Clark/Danielle Rivera, and Taylor Thornton/Jackie May. Then went to the carnival and the dance afterwards. After the dance we got iecream and went to Kelsie's to watch a movie. Even was a Michael Jackson song played....yeah I busted the hip thrust. ;)

Lets just say my dancing was pretty much like this:

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here's my Mr.Pasco video if you have not seen it yet.

In the words of Ben, "robbed, you was robbed!"

The week of soccer tryouts are over. I made Varsity Monday, over 120 kids tried out this year, 99.9% were of hispanic heritage. My next goal is to start, right now I should, but you know it is my first year of highschool soccer. Just gonna keep working hard everyday in practice and limit my errors. I'm playing stopper, and forward on rare occasions to give the short little forwards a break. But hey man thats like amazing to have a big guy like me play forward on a team like this. So I'm not even mad if I play forward just a little bit.

We got our stuff (bags, socks, jerseys, practice gear) saturday after our scrimmage against JV. Rolling with #12. Figure I can get that number for football too because the last guy who had is a senior.

mkay, Schluss für heute!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

You acting like you don't know...

K pasa?

Well Mr.Pasco went.....Grea...okay..yeah pretty good. I didn't win but everyone and like I mean everyone thought I should of won. Those judges are freaking retarded. I had the dance routine, floaties, the white tux, flowers, a valentine card, and even chips ahoy cookies. What might of been my problem is some suggestive dance moves or the swimsuit contest. But hey, if they can't handle a little pelvic thrust, ain't my problem.

Here's a nice sunday appropriate music video for your enjoyment. ;)

I'll get a video of the event up in a little bit.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Setting Sun

Journal Entry #23456744: 2/10/1768

(on top of Hill King James III)

As I look across the clear, crystal, blue waters of the mighty Potamic river I see to the west a hazy, deep Setting Sun. It brings peace to my mind to know that through the fighting of yesterdays skirmish at little fork we have a nice view of the country side because this SONG is FREAKING AWESOME!

Yes I am writing a portion of my blog post on this song. I love it...you probably have to be a fan of Switchfoot to like it more but whatever. (and yeah I know the top part was retarded but I'm experimenting with my writing.)

Here it is:

ok so now your thinking...."andrew it really wasn't that great"....and I'm like..."yeah I know, but if your not watching the video of the song and focusing on something else why you listen to it, it's good."


Back to the old blog self.

School's been going good. And not just good as in the bishops puts his hand on the back of your shoulder and asks, "how you doing good". But as in school is fun and I'm still working hard to get good grades and not skipping class anymore. ;)

Mr.Pasco is coming up like I said in my last post. I went to Mr.Tux saturday and picked out everything I wanted to wear. That was freaking fun! I got a white pin stripped tux with a black bow tie and black under shirt and what not, then these white shiny shoes with black lines over them. I will post some pics of Mr. Junior Pasco on here after the event. ;)

I went to the winterball last night with Kiersten Merrill. I had a pretty good time, at some times of the night it was dull but McKenzie and I tried to make it fun. Speaking of style McKenzie has some nice button up shirts...all I have is white. hints....?

Shout out to the other bloggers!

Thanks for the posts on my birthday, those were some sweet pics.

Thats all Im rolling with today.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well it's been awhile, apologies to my avid readers...(tumbleweeds blow across followed with cricket noises. You know, the stereotypical noises that try to make a joke funny that nobody gets...)

Anyways, going back a few weeks. Battle of the bands went okay. We sucked at singing but we were really entertaining and funny so in the end we took 2nd.

After being kicked off the b-ball team I've been lifting everyday after school till 4.30. Its good stuff, im trying to get yoked for Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, I'm going with 10th ave. over spring break. Should be pretty fun.

Today we had our first training for soccer. Alright the mexis can play but they aint that freakin good. We did lines and some other running drills, then finished with a few scrimmages. Lets just say (not being too cocky) that I should be playing some V-ball this year...thats my goal anyways, it's totally attainable if I just work my butt off. Isn't everything like that?

Thats all I want to write for now, here's a battle of the bands highlights clip for the, "Lazy Procrastinators".

P.S: It's my 17th birthday tomorrow. Just saying...but if someone threw a huge party for me..ahh nevermind...but seriously..it would be awesome. Just saying...but seriously we could have like sparklers and sprinkles everywhere...it would be pretty sweet...but it's too much nevermind....

Alright Adios und Aufwiedersehen!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

.....(gasping noises)...

I think my blog died or is dieing....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

obla-di-obla-da Life Goes On!

The year was 2008, month of January, a cold, chilling Thursday morning. Franklin Fox, 6'1'' 200 pounds snoozed through his first hour class. He would later wake at around 8 a.m. Quickly he put on his clothes and drove to make his 2nd hour. For he could never miss a physical class of this kind, it was his weight training class with Mr.Bodnar. (the ex-navy seal who would rip off the finger nails of any boy who would even talk of missing his, "experience"). Ze "wurk out" vith Herr. Bodnar vent vell and the proceeding classes were fine as well. Then came 8th hour, with the greeney new teacher, Mr. Hockaday. Well, "Foxy" as he his called on the street did not attend this hour. He went to battle of the bands practice with his good friends to not only find that they had other plans.

So.....he drove home to get his elegant, fine lined linen, intertwined stranded cotton, dark purple Junior Varsity practice jersey. Makes it to practice on time and is in the locker room talking with all the other players, cracking jokes, laughing and all. Then.......a sudden feeling of extreme power and intimidation quickly travels through the locker room. The players become quiet, not even Marcus Avery is saying stupid things. The players and basketball staff alike know this man as Señor Herron...(roll the "r"s it adds to the effect). A spanish teacher "slash" varsity basketball coach "slash" machine that not even MJ can handle. He has all the players line up on the base line. He starts out by stating this player had perfect attendance the first quarter. This player missed 2 classes on decemeber 5th. This player missed this day on bla blah...then the big one. This player missed the whole day on Friday and still played in the game at Davis. Then he yells Andrew Fox pointing his mighty pointer finger at this player. So Foxy says yes sir and trots off the court surprisely not embarrased.

(real story time)

Was kicked off for too much absences on the team. I didnt take JV seriously with the school. I did however take playing seriously, I was one of the hardest working players on the whole squad. Varsity and JV. But I needed to be taught this lesson on school sports at Pasco. Because if not this sport then it might of been soccer or football. So going back to the title, "Life Goes On" (a beatles song) and I am going to go to my classes and get ready for soccer. After battle of bands Im going to lift everyday after school.

hahahahaha now we can laugh.....hahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

You've Got to check this video out, its one of the songs were performing for BotB. Its gonna be sweet if we get it right.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Had to Post it!

So me and Tyler decided to go to Panda Express tonight and get some food. Well it was about 9:30 and they were closing down. So all the food that was there would be thrown away. They give us 4-5 to go boxes a $30 value for just 19.99! But seriously though it was only $12. That orange chicken and fried rice was dang good. Alright gotta go to bed...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Is a Yuppie Word

I've been listening to that song a lot lately by Switchfoot. Strange lyrics but tis good...


Tyler Nelson has returned from his long trip to Utah and some other states. Sucks I never got to hang out with him during winter break.

Martin Has left to BYU-I-do. He will be missed. Martin if any trouble comes your way, remember "RUN TO THE HILLS!" ;)

Got in trouble for missing basketball practice last week, so I couldn't play in the game on friday but I played alot saturday. We won against wenatchee.

Lauren has a myspace page for her songs from her new album. myspace.com/laurenfox123

Battle of the Bands is coming up. We've been practicing quite a bit these past weeks. It should be funny.

The trooper is broken down. Seems there was a leak in the radiator hose something or another (?). So all of the radiator fluid leaked out and it overheated, now it wont start.

A new sport has been created, Mexican snowboarding! We tow a snowboard behind the car in the sand dunes at Rd. 100. Can be intensely fun. We went last week with Martin, Mckenzie, Jarred, Andrew and Thomas Clark.

Heres another good Switchfoot song.

ich möchte euch ein gesundes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2008! Wishing you a healthy and successful year.