Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Day of School 2 months late.

Well this morning i woke up at 6.30. Got dressed and made the long drive from West Richland over to Pasco High School. Got there, and mom asks, "did you bring the forms?" No i respond. So we drive all the way back to the apartment and get everything together.

So it turns out i'll be starting thursday hopefully. It takes a few days to fax over the grades from middleton and get everything compiled. (whatever that means).

By this time it's 8.30 and i have a dentist appointment at 11. So what do you do? You grab Sergio and Lauren and go to Andy's Coffee Break. Had some biscuits and gravy and twas' dang good.

Next I went over to the seminary building talked with my friends who were at lunch. Then I went with Tyler Nelson to play some B-Ball to get ready for PHS. Tyler got pwned 3 games in a row. hehe. It's good to be back here, lets hope i can keep the excitement up!

bis Morgen!

no pics today :(. (dont have a camera)


Kenzie said...

Ate without me huh? HUH? jk anyways where are you right now i am trying to find you. I have called you three times already pic up your phone.

S. Schuller said...

Sounds like you're glad you're back in P-town. They knew they hadn't seen the last of ANDREW FOX!

Anonymous said...


Erin said...

You're a good kid.