Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sundays

We Got home from church from the middleton 2nd ward and now mom and emily are making dinner. While Ben is on the computer shooting down germans in Company of Heroes. I am here getting stuff ready to go back to Pasco! WOOP WOOP!.

So this weekend this strange dog has been coming around our house because Sheila is in heat. We were going to get her spayed but Zach was out of town. Mind you this dog is BUTT UGLY! I do not want pups from this dog. I think its time to get out the M1 Garand and take it down "old school"....

The culprit. Reward dead or....dead. (jk)

The Victim; poor sheila.

"Monkeying" Around. Justin this is for you.....

Me and Emz

Emily and Ma fake smiling.

Have a nice Sunday ya'll.


debfox said...

Nice blogging Andrew. I like your take on the world.

Erin said...

Yeah, Mom is fake smiling because deep inside she's concerned about you... :) No, really, great to hear from you Andrew. You are a good kid, through and through.

Lfoxy said...

does justin like to climb things or something?? and I like the picture of mom and emily-even if it's fake. and you have a great smile too. i think it's fake though.