Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well it's been awhile, apologies to my avid readers...(tumbleweeds blow across followed with cricket noises. You know, the stereotypical noises that try to make a joke funny that nobody gets...)

Anyways, going back a few weeks. Battle of the bands went okay. We sucked at singing but we were really entertaining and funny so in the end we took 2nd.

After being kicked off the b-ball team I've been lifting everyday after school till 4.30. Its good stuff, im trying to get yoked for Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, I'm going with 10th ave. over spring break. Should be pretty fun.

Today we had our first training for soccer. Alright the mexis can play but they aint that freakin good. We did lines and some other running drills, then finished with a few scrimmages. Lets just say (not being too cocky) that I should be playing some V-ball this year...thats my goal anyways, it's totally attainable if I just work my butt off. Isn't everything like that?

Thats all I want to write for now, here's a battle of the bands highlights clip for the, "Lazy Procrastinators".

P.S: It's my 17th birthday tomorrow. Just saying...but if someone threw a huge party for me..ahh nevermind...but seriously..it would be awesome. Just saying...but seriously we could have like sparklers and sprinkles everywhere...it would be pretty sweet...but it's too much nevermind....

Alright Adios und Aufwiedersehen!


Anonymous said...

i can thow you a party in Idaho! haha
nice job with the soccer thing. but dont understimate the power of the force(mexi's) you know i used to be a mexi...then i moved to Idaho.
hahaha jk

hermanfox said...

party tomorrow night in Provo. if you can make it, i promise, it will be the best party you've ever had. (think cupcakes and pin the tail on the donkey)
hee hee

Whitney said...

yeah, come to the party in idaho. ivy and hank will come too. we'll make all your favorites.

E. Fox said...

Your Eminem song turned out really well... I am impressed!