Sunday, January 13, 2008

obla-di-obla-da Life Goes On!

The year was 2008, month of January, a cold, chilling Thursday morning. Franklin Fox, 6'1'' 200 pounds snoozed through his first hour class. He would later wake at around 8 a.m. Quickly he put on his clothes and drove to make his 2nd hour. For he could never miss a physical class of this kind, it was his weight training class with Mr.Bodnar. (the ex-navy seal who would rip off the finger nails of any boy who would even talk of missing his, "experience"). Ze "wurk out" vith Herr. Bodnar vent vell and the proceeding classes were fine as well. Then came 8th hour, with the greeney new teacher, Mr. Hockaday. Well, "Foxy" as he his called on the street did not attend this hour. He went to battle of the bands practice with his good friends to not only find that they had other plans.

So.....he drove home to get his elegant, fine lined linen, intertwined stranded cotton, dark purple Junior Varsity practice jersey. Makes it to practice on time and is in the locker room talking with all the other players, cracking jokes, laughing and all. Then.......a sudden feeling of extreme power and intimidation quickly travels through the locker room. The players become quiet, not even Marcus Avery is saying stupid things. The players and basketball staff alike know this man as SeƱor Herron...(roll the "r"s it adds to the effect). A spanish teacher "slash" varsity basketball coach "slash" machine that not even MJ can handle. He has all the players line up on the base line. He starts out by stating this player had perfect attendance the first quarter. This player missed 2 classes on decemeber 5th. This player missed this day on bla blah...then the big one. This player missed the whole day on Friday and still played in the game at Davis. Then he yells Andrew Fox pointing his mighty pointer finger at this player. So Foxy says yes sir and trots off the court surprisely not embarrased.

(real story time)

Was kicked off for too much absences on the team. I didnt take JV seriously with the school. I did however take playing seriously, I was one of the hardest working players on the whole squad. Varsity and JV. But I needed to be taught this lesson on school sports at Pasco. Because if not this sport then it might of been soccer or football. So going back to the title, "Life Goes On" (a beatles song) and I am going to go to my classes and get ready for soccer. After battle of bands Im going to lift everyday after school.

hahahahaha now we can laugh.....hahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

You've Got to check this video out, its one of the songs were performing for BotB. Its gonna be sweet if we get it right.


Benny J said...

Is the trooper fixed yet?

Anonymous said...

haha, way to stand strong Foxy! that old senior herron has nothing on u.
-Go D-Fox!! haha

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, sorry to hear about it. School is mas importante in all actuality. You are a good kid. Get back on the horse and ride!

Anonymous said...

what is happening... i'm on the edge of my seat here. come to l.a. for spring break! :)

hermanfox said...