Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Setting Sun

Journal Entry #23456744: 2/10/1768

(on top of Hill King James III)

As I look across the clear, crystal, blue waters of the mighty Potamic river I see to the west a hazy, deep Setting Sun. It brings peace to my mind to know that through the fighting of yesterdays skirmish at little fork we have a nice view of the country side because this SONG is FREAKING AWESOME!

Yes I am writing a portion of my blog post on this song. I love probably have to be a fan of Switchfoot to like it more but whatever. (and yeah I know the top part was retarded but I'm experimenting with my writing.)

Here it is:

ok so now your thinking...."andrew it really wasn't that great"....and I'm like..."yeah I know, but if your not watching the video of the song and focusing on something else why you listen to it, it's good."


Back to the old blog self.

School's been going good. And not just good as in the bishops puts his hand on the back of your shoulder and asks, "how you doing good". But as in school is fun and I'm still working hard to get good grades and not skipping class anymore. ;)

Mr.Pasco is coming up like I said in my last post. I went to Mr.Tux saturday and picked out everything I wanted to wear. That was freaking fun! I got a white pin stripped tux with a black bow tie and black under shirt and what not, then these white shiny shoes with black lines over them. I will post some pics of Mr. Junior Pasco on here after the event. ;)

I went to the winterball last night with Kiersten Merrill. I had a pretty good time, at some times of the night it was dull but McKenzie and I tried to make it fun. Speaking of style McKenzie has some nice button up shirts...all I have is white. hints....?

Shout out to the other bloggers!

Thanks for the posts on my birthday, those were some sweet pics.

Thats all Im rolling with today.



debfox said...

Glad you had a good time at the winterball, Andrew. Thanks for blogging. I like the song/video on Youtube, too.

Erin said...

I was going to get you a button down shirts for your b-day! But I decided to simplify and send ya a gift card. Anyway, I think some nice cotton plaid... Dad has a good eye for that.