Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Day!


Just some random photos in my bulldog shorts...

We had a snow day today, booyah! I woke up this morning at 6:30 and looked up on the schools website to see if we had any delays. It said 2 hour delay, ok...sweet, back to bed. Then an hour later mom wakes me up and says, "schools cancelled". ok...sweeet....back to bed.

Today McKenzie and I have been practicing for battle of the bands tryout this wednesday. Its going okay. We've got some funny songs in our selection.

Then around 12 I snuck into CBC and worked out with Martin and Jarred for about an hour.

Wow, went to church Sunday at flippin 9:00. It so much smaller now that the ward has been split. There are only 2 priests and a teacher in my quorom. I like it better smaller though.

Alright...das ist alles. I dont feel like writing as much today. Have a nice Monday.

Think Im going to have a get-to-gether at the spa tonight...

Bis Bald.


Erin said...

Who would turn down an opportunity to get in the "H.T." (hot tub) with that fine body? :)

hermanfox said...

were you advertising for my Christmas present? Body by Andrew, in a two week trial? I'm there.