Saturday, December 22, 2007

Die Familie ist zu Hause!

Most of the fam is in town. The Schuller's arrived last saturday. Then Erin and Emily came last night. Ben and Sutton come on the 27th with the Freden's following to Boise. It seems Travis has been kinda bored here. With no guns or anything to blow up he's been playing alot of computer games. :)

Lots has happened since my last post. I went to Leavenworth with the school choir. That was cool. Although the town barely had any german stuff. They would try to be cool by mixing english with german on their signs and stuff. Then sick the whole time with the stomach flu. Do not ask what went on in the b-room during those days.....(hahah).

Basketball is going good, the coaches are playing me more. But I've missed quite a bit of b-ball due to acouple of things. The trip and going on a 3-day ski trip to Schweitzer.

Wednesday the ski-club headed up to Sandpoint, Idaho. We skied/boarded for 2 days and then came home Friday. It was awesome! I have mastered the black and double black diamonds now. I just need to get better on doing cool tricks. Im glad I skipped ball for the trip.

The "Band" is finally in the works. Im in battle of bands with McKenzie, Jaime, Ian, and Luis. We have some very talented musicians and it should be alot of fun. We're doing More than Words by Extreme, Shiver by Coldplay, and Till I Collapse from Eminem. Then another song but we haven't decided on it.

Here's the music video of More Than Words if you did'nt know it yet.

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